Volunteer FAQ

How do I register to become a volunteer?

Volunteer registration is all done online. Log on to the website here and create a new username and password.   After you create an account with a username and password, enter your contact information, select the days/shifts you are available, select three committee preferences, and select your uniform size. This process takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

What duties do volunteers have?

Volunteers are assigned to a variety of committees, performing the many tasks required to conduct a professional event. A description of each committee will be available for your review prior to your selection of committee choices when registering online.

Do I have to be golf knowledgeable to volunteer?

No, there are committees and jobs available for those who aren’t golf knowledgeable. The Job Descriptions will indicate whether or not the specific duty requires golf experience.

Which days are volunteers needed?

We need the majority of our help on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the tournament week (March 13-19).  The Volunteer Job Descriptions include which day each job is needed.